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Iván Chaar López

Born in San Juan, Puerto Rico

Lives & works in Austin, TX

ichaar (at) utexas (dot) edu

Professional Appointments

2020-Present. Assistant Professor in Digital Studies, Department of American Studies, University of Texas at Austin

2018-2020. Mellon Postdoctoral Associate, Latina/o Studies Program and Department of Science & Technology Studies, Cornell University


2018 Ph.D. in American Culture,

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

2012 M.A. in History,

University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras

2008 B.A. in History of the Americas,

University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras



2024 - The Cybernetic Border: Drones, Technology, and Intrusion. Durham: Duke University Press.

2020 - Technoprecarious. Goldsmiths Press/MIT Press. Written by Precarity Lab (Cass Adair, Iván Chaar-López, Anna Watkins Fisher, Cindy Lin, Silvia Lindtner, Lisa Nakamura, Cengiz Salman, Kalindi Vora, Jackie Wang, McKenzie Wark with Meryem Kamil).


2022 - "Latina/o/e Technoscience: Labor, Race and Gender in Cybernetics and Computing." Social Studies of Science.

2020 - “Alien Data: Immigration and Regimes of Connectivity in the United States.” Critical Ethnic Studies 6.2 (Fall).

2019 - "Digital Precarity Manifesto." Social Text 37.4 (December). Written by Precarity Lab (Lisa Nakamura, Irina Aristarkhova, Iván Chaar-López, Anna Watkins Fisher, Meryem Kamil, Cindy Lin, Silvia Lindtner and Tung-hui Hu).

2019 - "Sensing Intruders: Race and the Automation of Border Control." American Quarterly 71.2 (June): 495-518.

Book Chapters

Forthcoming - “Un-Civil Technoscience: Anti-Immigration and Citizen Science in Boundary Making.” In Technocreep and the Politics of Things Not Seen. Edited by Neda Atanasoski and Nassim Parvim. Durham: Duke University Press.

2024 - “Artificial Intelligence, Microwork, and the Racial Politics of Care.” (open access) Written by Iván Chaar López and Victoria Sánchez. In Feminist Cyberlaw. Edited by Meg Leta Jones and Amanda Lewendowski. Oakland: University of California Press. (order book here)


2012 - “Universidad sin paredes: un proyecto común.” Sargasso I: 81-82.

2010 - “Envisioning Transgressions: Mobile and Participatory Media in Contemporary Puerto Rico.” Historia y Sociedad vol. XX-XXI: 21-33.

Book Reviews


2023 - "Unsettled Borders: The Militarized Science of Surveillance on Sacred Indigenous Land." Postcolonial Studies 26, no. 4.

2021 - "Border Policing: A History of Enforcement and Evasion in North America." Southwestern Historical Quarterly 124, no. 4 (April).

2014 - “The Garden Is the Machine: New Media and Technology in American Studies.” American Quarterly 66, no. 4 (December): 1143-1154.

2014 - “¡Oye Loca! From the Mariel Boatlift to Gay Cuban Miami.” Latino Studies XII.4:



2019 - "The Idea that Latinx People Constitute an ‘Invasion’ in the US Is Nothing New." The Guardian, August 16.

Awards and Honors

2020. Constance M. Rourke Prize for Best Article in American Quarterly, American Studies Association.


2019. Achievement Award for Excellence in Teaching and Mentoring, Office of Postdoctoral Studies, Cornell University.

Grants & Fellowships

2024-2025 - Bold Inquiry Incubator Grant for Assemblies of Technosolutionism, Office of Vice President of Research, Scholarship, and Creative Endeavors, University of Texas at Austin. (Co-PIs: Iván Chaar López, Amelia Acker and Edgar Gómez-Cruz)

2022-2024 - Faculty Fellow, Humanities Institute, College of Liberal Arts, University of Texas at Austin

2022-2023 - Ransom Faculty Fellow, College of Liberal Arts, University of Texas at Austin

2018-2020 - Mellon Diversity Postdoctoral Fellowship, Latina/o Studies Program and Department of Science & Technology Studies, Cornell University.

2016-2019 - Humanities Collaboratory Grant for Precarity Lab, University of Michigan. Dr. Lisa Nakamura, Principal Investigator.

2015 - Digital Studies Fellowship, John W. Kluge Center at Library of Congress.

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